Preparation for the competition is a complicated and complex process that requires time and relevant knowledge. In addition, it is quite difficult for an athlete who has decided to compete and even if he has some experience in this, to objectively assess his form, especially in the last stages of training, where every detail is of great importance.
Preparation for competitions in cooperation with me includes the following stages:
  • preliminary assessment of physical form - preferably in an offline format, or by video-communication in the absence of such an opportunity;
  • selection of competition season/competitions and pre-planning to work on weaknesses in the athlete's form;
  • planning the training process (mesocycles and microcycles) depending on the tasks;
  • adjustment of the nutrition plan (calculation of the caloric content of the diet and its composition in terms of proteins, fats and carbohydrates) depending on the tasks (gaining muscle mass or the immediate stage of preparation for competitions with the aim of reducing fat mass);
  • drawing up a plan for taking all dietary supplements and additional auxiliary substances;
  • constant control of the condition of the form, the training process and the discipline of nutrition in real time through messengers / face-to-face communication;
  • constant reporting of the athlete on all current processes, status and issues;
  • training under my supervision in an offline/online format if there is such an opportunity;
  • "lead-up" directly to the competitions themselves in the last weeks and days - manipulations with carbohydrates, water regime, etc.
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Adam Kozyra
Professional trainer and athlete