The development of an individual training program and nutrition plan includes the following stages:
  • questionnaire stage: you receive a detailed questionnaire, the questions of which should be answered in as much detail as possible, because it is the questionnaire that will give me the necessary information for compiling the training process;
  • the stage of clarifying possible questions according to the results of the questionnaire - it is possible both by e-mail and using messengers;
  • the stage of drawing up a training plan and a nutrition plan - a period of up to 2 weeks (usually no more than 1 week);
  • the stage of clarifications and answers to questions about the training process and dietary wishes - after I send you the training program and an example of a meal plan, you will get to know them in detail and we will discuss all unclear points, in particular - all exercises will be maximally adapted to the equipment , which is available at your gym;
  • if desired, there is the possibility of one free personal training under my guidance. Time and place are discussed individually;
  • the training mesocycle is designed for 6-8 weeks.
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Adam Kozyra
Professional trainer and athlete